Tamiya TA-04 wanted

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Default Tamiya TA-04 wanted

Anyone selling please contact me or e-mail.

I looking for one must be in good condition and hop-up done.

Willing to pay about S$100 ~ S$180 depend on condition.
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Angry conman--dun trust this guy!!!

hi friends and racer, pls be careful of this guy..he is a conman and not trustworthy.....or be careful when you deal with this guy called ERIC cheng....following is real whole story!!...if you all do not believe this story go to the following website and you know that this is not a makeup story!!!!


The story goes like that!!!

Warning: Whole story; can be too much!

Okay... my side of the story. First I met this guy at Winnie's shop after buying the VOneR.

That time, the VOneR was new so Eric told me as a beginner and since I was in this for fun only, I should try something else; maintence is high and not fast enough compared to 1/8, since I wanted speed. He wanted to trade my my VOneR with one of his 'many' 1/8 cars. He invited me to go over to his house straight away. He is very nice, very sweet talker and claims that he will help me with the settings.

The next day, I was at Eric's house. Ohh boy! He have no less than 40 cars!!! 1/8s, 1/10s, trucks and... wow... I cannot desrcibe. By now, someone in this forum probably know him. He stays at Woodlands.

He wants me to leave my car in his house that day and he will check it out for me. For some reason after seeing all that he have, I trusted him (then, he still is really nice).

Since i have not played the car at all, I am very excited to hands on it asap. The next day, when I went over. He again asked if I like any of the cars in his house. Of course I like them, but my VOneR is new and I have yet to used it at all... you know... (would you want to trade off for a second hand one if you were me?) ... anyway, nothing was done on my car but he has bought some spare gears, front and back arms, removed my force engine and ask if he can use my car for a race in Jurong that weekend. I very very reluctant, but somehow he managed to convince me.

At the mean time, he never stop asking if I want trade my car. I kept saying the same thing; I really want to play my car a bit first. Anyway, he went on to remove my Force engine on my car. He told me that using a Force engine on my car is not justified. I was so tempted when he pulled out a second hand NovaRossi 12 (is still on my car now) and asked if I want to buy it. He claims that he bought the engine for $350 and will sell it to me for $250. I do not know any pricing since i am new...

The NovaRossi on my car, no tuning was done... I take the car home. He call me no less than twice a day asking me the same questions... whether to trade and also find buyers for his cars.

I later found out that a new NovaRossi 12, the same one Eric sold me cost $215 new at Hobby Bug (this shop suppose to expensive!)

I called Eric and he insist that I saw the wrong engine... it's okay... so let it be... he said $200 and I accepted it... with the remaining of the $50 bucks... he made me pay for the parts he bought.. they were close to $45 so I accepted it too.

Then... there was this time... I crashed my car, and the wiring have to be redone... and I made a mistake by wiring them below the reciever... 2 mins into play... the car stopped... someone that saw what happened unplugged the battery for me. He told me, the receive might be GONE.

New car with less than 1 hour of playing time... receiver being one of the main component in my car is damaged!!! Cannot play already... Eric came to my work place that day and I told him about it... he volunteer to help me fix it. I went home, get the car and passed it to him.

For a few days, I heard nothing from him. Then when I did, he told me that the two servo and recievers are gone... and when I told him I wanted it back... he told me that he has passed to this guy call "Ah Tay" working at Sanwa. Please let me know if there is such a person call "Ah Tay" and how is he?

He also gave me a contact number of Ah Tay... mobile phone switch to pager... and each time, someone will call back, but keeps quiet. Weird! I am thinking of making a report about this actually!! Just want to get the right contacts first.

More about Eric... since he has so many second hand parts and cars... and so desperate, he should be selling them at a price below the market value or whatever... but everything he had quoted me are expensive... friend? I don't know...

Also... this incident... I was playing my car (using a loaned KO reciever, servos and everything; don't like the feel and the idea of having to put AA batteries) and my tires tear off... he got a set of tires that HE TOLD ME he got free from a race... put on my car and told me to use it first.

I stopped playing the same day cos I don't like the feel of the cheap Sanwa 102 servos and the controller. I went overseas away for awhile.. when I came back... I went to his house so I can return his controller and get my reciever and servos... he told me that Ah Tay has MIA!!! What is this!!! And before i leave... he wants to collect $60 for the tires he put on my cars... I wanted to return the tires, but he was very unhappy... I have yet to return the tires to him till today... he basically stopped contacting me recently!

Aunite Winnie knows about my situation too. I bought another M8 from Winnie. But since Eric is a regular customer of her shop, she can't do much for me.

What should I do with the spare gun? How much can I sell the gun, if there is a buyer?

I have consulted my lawyer friend on this matter. But first, I need to know if Ah Tay existed. I am not trying to make the matter big... but just want to let Eric know, he has the responsibilities to get my things back.

Anyone know Eric or Ah Tay... I just want the servos and receiver back!
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Default Nonsense Message

To : eman (Vincent)

Either you call me personally to say sorry for your message and also write in at this forum to say sorry to me. Or else I will print out this report and take civil sue against your nonsense. I know the law very well.

You are talking nonsense. Let me tell you why.

Below message is catching point by point from your nonsense.

1) Yes, I know you at Winnie shop in the first place.
Seeing you as a beginner, I try to help you to set up your car.
You told me you are lookin for 1/8 a faster and less problem car. becos your Force engine got problem to start and piston jam.
Since I have alot of 1/8, that why I offered to trade with your V1R
which I do not have. I invited you to my house to view my stuff.

You can ask around, who will so stupid to exchange a 1/8 with a V1R which is cheaper.

2) Yes, I agreed that I asked you a few times to trade seeing that you facing many problems with your V1R. Afterthat, I did not ask you anymore becos you still like to keep your V1R.

3) I removed your Force engine away from your V1R as you agreed to loan me your car for open race at Jurong track and I use my Nova turbo engine in order not to spoilt your engine.

4) I bought the V1R spare parts @$45 at Hobby Place is for the race which you agreed to loan your car to me. Since last minute you decide to take back your car. Of course, you have to pay for the price. How can you blame me for asking you to pay.
You told me that you will support me the race by lending me your car and now you talk "bird" language.

5) Thank you for your advertise to let people know that I have alot of R/C cars. Anyway, everybody can set their own target price for their unused stuff. What you mean by "should sell below market price". Is there a guideline to follow by how many percentage to be reduce depend on number of year or months used.
If the deal is ON for both seller and buyer agreed on the pricing, nothing to complain about.

6) Knowing that you are very keen to play your car but without servos and receiver. As a friend, I am kind enough to borrow you this type of poor guy my KO EX-1 controller, hi-top servo and sanwa 102 to you temporary for your steeling and throttle. You should appreciate very much and thanks god for that and not to complain is cheap stuff. Some more I did not mention the time limit for the loan of my controller.

7) The set of SOREX tyres with YOKOMO insert and SEPERENT rims is cost more than $60. Your tyres tear off due to using "Ownself Glue" and I am kind to pass you my new set of tyres first which I bought at HobbyLink and allow you to pay later. knowing that you are a poor guy got no $$$ to pay me at that moment.
Anyway, I appreciate that you told everybody in the net that you still owe my the set of tyres. Of course, you have to pay for the tyres as you already accepted it. Nothing is FREE!!! my dear friend. And bare in mind that, I did not put the tyres on your car at all. Ya, you wanted to return back the set of tyres but I am not happy becos only 3 pieces in return who will accept it.

8) Ah Tay contact number given to you is to prove that I did not
hide anything from you. You can call him to verify is it truth or not.

Lastly, please do not go and disturb any hobby shop. Those who believe you is "AhGong"

My Proposal to you to settle once and for all.

Race between you and me. Track will be close for us only.
Location : Jurong Track
Date : 18 Jan, 2002 @ 7.00pm sharp

You can choose any 1/10 Touring car (V1R, Serpent, Mugen, Picco and tamiya with or without 2 speed)
Nitro : 16% ~ 40%
Tyres : Up to you.
Engine : 12 size (Turbo also can)
Duration : 20 mins (Laps count)

The person who got the most laps within this 20 mins race will be the winner.

If you win, I buy you 2 new Sanwa VB servos and new receiver
immediately from Henry shop to pay you back.

However, what if you loose. You have to do is put your V1R and controller on the track. I will set fire on it by using V-Power from SHELL. You can concentrate to help your mother sell ICE Kachang.

I always believe that track is the best place to settle racers problem.

Any racers who have any comments about my proposal to vincent, please write in. I need your witness for the race.

My words to you Vincent, don't ever be a coward to write this kind of nonsense wasting people time reading. If you are not
satisfy with me, you can always call me.

I waiting for you to reply my proposal.

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I also know the law very well and I don't believe that the race track is the proper place to settle a transaction which has gone sour.

The transaction involved verbal agreements between you both regarding the loan and possibly trade/sale of various r/c components. This has nothing to do with who is the better driver (which is what a race is all about). Threatening to set Vincent's V-One R on fire if you win (which you are most likely to given you sound like you have alot more driving experience than most on this forum) is a rather stupid suggestion in anybody's viewpoint.

Eric, if are a genuine about wanting to settle the dispute, then I suggest that you and Vincent agree to meet and discuss the matter in a civil way. If need be, you should both agree on a neutral mediator to help facilitate the discussion process.

Vincent, I should warn you - if your story does not hold water, you could be liable for defaming Eric on this forum. So please tread carefully and only state the facts. On the other hand, if there is any truth in what you are saying, Eric can argue until the cows come home before he will ever succeed in any legal action brought against you.

By the way, lawyer fees in Singapore are rather high. Eric, you may need to liquidate your entire stock of RC stuff to pay your lawyer if you seriously intend on bringing any sort of 'legal' action against Vincent, especially if what he is saying is 70% (or more) true.

Well, you asked for opinions and I have offered mine.

Everybody on this forum are here because we enjoy racing and collecting RC cars and nobody likes busy bodies who are out to ruin our enjoyment of the hobby. As I don't know either of you (at least I don't think so), I have no views as to the validity of your respective stories or the dispute.

I'm merely commenting on the unsuitable proposal put up by Eric.

As only you two knew exactly what transpired in the transaction, I suggest that you both act in good conscience and take steps to settle this matter as soon as possible.

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Angry who will believe you...

hi ERIC, not only i am tok abt you...you see yourself ,, even DRAGON is talking abt you....if you are a good trader ...why is this thing happen to DRAGON too..pls explain...??

NO POINT racing with ppl, knowing that you are an experience racer and you are trying to take advantage of ppl now!!!


The below artilce are written by DRAGON:

I know this guy Eric...i bought his 2 jia lat condition ta04 pros for my friend for $300....(which he claimed was good condition)....after i paid him the money...brought it home to re condition...and found so many ball berrings replaced by bushings, and so many parts missing.....kanna scolded by my friend.....i called to ask him about the parts, he says he forgot to put them in....then later i called again...he said he put the berrings on this monster truck or somthing, and would find it for me....then later i called again, he said that the price he sold me was so cheap already, and couldnt include the berrings and stabalizers....

what can i say.....

he could at least tell me before hand that he didnt includet the berrings before he sold it to me......what the hell... then i finally gave up on asking for the stuff from him and bought the berrings for my friend......my fault what...what can i do.....so i never talked or heard about that eric since....

ah ya eman...let bygones be bygones...forget about it, dont stress yourself over this....and u will lead a happier life....i actually managed to forget about this until i read your post....
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Please vincent you think we are 3 yrs old or just born yesterday.Who will believe you????? If ever eric sue you i will be the witness for him. Most of the transation between you two i was present. So you cannot hide from ppl the truth.

1)The tire is you mount on yourself at yishun, Eric only ask you do you need to get a new set of tire? So you agree to the price of what he spend to buy the tire. Not he cheated you. When we have went to yours "MUM" stall to collect back the tire as you don`t want it, but you have say one tire was lost and you promised to return it the next day but you fail to return. So we cannot collect three tire to race.

2)The servo was badly burn/short to be repair in a short period of time,so to let you play,eric even offer you a KO ex1 to play for the time the servo require to repair. He lend you a very high end servo to be a steering and 102 to be a trottle control.

3)The engine that you purchase from him cost $350, he sell you $200 and you agree to it. It a Nova turbo, Polish rear ex engine

4)You have mention that he did not contact you, but we have try ways and mean to contact you but you never pick up the phone.
So please check it out.

As you maybe a NEW BIRD in this hobby.Some of the thing may have a identical look but it not. Most of eric parts are high end parts as he is a regular racer in singapore.

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Default Nonsense Message

To ragon

Why not you tell everybody that the car I pass to you got install with hop-up parts which I did not take out. And already cost more than the bearing.

I told you about this before. Who say selling car must include with full ball bearing.

That why, alot of people like you and Vincent got nothing better to do talking nonsense on this forum.

Good things you never talk, bad one keep on talking.
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Ppl, no use argueing with an irrational person. I have so far bought from other traders like Kyew... great person and a+++ trader, helps me understand what I am buying too. But all you need is 1 bad experience and there you go, it spoils the whole market. Next time check on trader status with other fellow racer and this board. Just accept your loss for now as there is no point on being brutal (I know this feels good when justice is done but crime is done too, and may end up in jail). Just take it like a lesson learnt and mix with other trustable fellow racer.

As for my opinion, the safest way to get opinion or help about your car to is ask your LHS owner. Sam is pretty well verse on gas cars, I find him very friendly too although I dont really buy that much from his shop compared to winnie.

"Cool down and just get on with life".
Reminder to all, check your goods before paying, bearings, tires, belt, gears, chasis.... etc...maybe also bring your glow starter and a bit of fuel..... damn only takes 1 to spoil the secondhand market...
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Default Proposal

To : Kiwikid

Thanks for your comment. Anyway, I not threatening Vincent for setting fire on his car.

I understand that winning him is nothing big deal for me. No "Shiok" also for winning a newcomer. Even give chance to him by 5 laps, he also will loose.

From my message to him, you can see by yourself what kind of person I am. I treated him as a friend but in return damaged my reputation in this forum.

For those who really know me well like Terrence Chu, Max Lee, GKC, Sam, Kelvin Goh, Francis etc. They are my good friend.

Vincent still holding my hi top servo and $60 for the tyres. I want to settle this issue ASAP. But he is coward to call me.

I can dissolve this matter, he can keep my stuff and I need not go to find my friend anymore.
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Red face

Unsuitable proposal? That is an overstatement man. Tsk tsk....

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... you don't have to tell me who's a cheater ... i can tell ... he doesn't even have to talk ... i can smell for he stinks ...

the moral of the story? ... know what you buy and don't trust anyone too easily ... even if he looks nice and talks nice ... look for fangs, claws and horns ... he he he

look now ... both sides have people lobbying behind them ... who's telling the truth ? who cares ... but i won't buy from someone people complained against (even just once) ... i won't risk getting into the same problem ...
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i have a TA04-Pro selling $150 (original price $300).... but no bearings ... (where did i put those bearings ... i can't recall)
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This reminds me of the Friday Night Thriller called
---------------- "Fact or Fiction"--------------
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hehe i dont know whos rite and whos wrong or whos talking cock
i dun bother either ...
from what i see ... its best if u settle this stuff peacefully so some faith can be restored in the RC second hand market...
here- my sugession simple ...
and its from my point of view ... like or not take it or not ... its up to u guys ...

well eman returns the 60 bucks - tires and all other stuff like the engine
the parts which is 45 bucks and whatever which he takes and is given by eric
even if the parts is used get new ones to replace and return etc etc

eric returns the original engine the 45 bucks the servo and the reviever and whatever he takes from even if he does not have it or is used .. get new ones and return ..to e man ...
then everything will be back to normal like u 2 have never met before

calculate everything to the original value and ... second hand stuff is of course cheaper ... ask people here about the price .. i m sure they would agree to help

well .... Eman and ERIC plz reply here ... tell me about my sugessions ASAP try to recall everything u 2 ever shared or took from each other and return them ....

SIMPLE aint it ... sounds childish ... but i m sure it saves lots of hassle ... and the one who is taken adantage of most will agree on this one then we know whos the stinkin RAT
well either way ... the guy which takes advantage of others gets his desrved punishment

why ? cause if he the one who takes advantage he will not agree then we know who is rite and wrong

if both takes it up and agrees... well the one taken advantage of is given justice while the one who takes advantage of is of course making a big loss but if he keeps it under warps ...that hes making big time loss at least his reputation is saved....
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Default Is Ok for me

To : All racer who write in

There is someone trying to find trouble by using this forum.

Anyway, thank for everybody consent about this matter.

Things can be solve is depend whether Vincent agreed to my proposal or not.
Since he got no guts to race with me and not dare to call me. How to solve problems. Am I right?

As for me, I very open minded. I can disclose my name and accept other opinion.

Well, witness is at my side. Why should I worry about.

Things cannot solve, I will just leave it as it is.

But you guy will still see me in the race whether is Serpent, Open 1/10 gas or electric, Tamiya. I will be there.

My last words is that I got nothing to hide.

Reputation to me is nothing. I do not own any hobby shop don't need to worry customer run away with this stupid nonsense created by "Small people".

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