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hey there it is good to see that there are more younger people haveing ago at this sport i am 15 and have been raceing for 3 and a bit years and my first car was the serpent impulse and then i got the serpent 705 and i have now orded the new s710 and the new s960 i cant wait till they get here.
o was useing max power motors for a bit and then i have only just got the megazx12 a month or 2 ago and i should soon be getting a couple of the new callarie motors aswell

i see that you drive at hamsteed it it a giid track evan thoe i have neva driven there in rearl life but i have drivern the track in virtual rc any way sounds like you are enjoying your serpent 710 thats good to hear.

Any way i am sorry if i have typed this wrong or anything because this is my first time useing these forums

jamie woodborne
Originally Posted by DS Motorsport
I'm 17, started it this year's march with a Serpent 710. Ans i'm hooked since.
Go to the track twice a week to do as many laps as possible. Ans it's really paying of. I drive on the Heemstede track, i do laps of 17,0. The real pro's(national, european level) do 16.0-16.5. So i'm really happy with how it's going right now. it's also very funny, because i just started i only come to the track with a backpack and my car in my hand. Ans i easily beat all the guys who got their entire 1:1 cars packed with stuff.
Didn't won any trophies yet, because on my track you only get a trophy when you come in first. And every time i come in second
But next season i'm gonna get a trophy
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