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Default 2s or 2s2p which is better

I was talking with a friend the other day about lipo batteries, we were discussing the Maxamps 2s 5250 and their 2s2p 6500 batteries. He said that when talking to someone at castle creations about a good lipo setup, they told him that a 2s is better than a 2s2p because the 2s (5250) uses two 5250 cells and the 2s2p (6500) uses two 3250 cells in parallel to get a 6500 one cell and then the two parallel packs are then wired in series to get the 2s part of the pack, which comes to 4 cells.

Now that this is brought to my attention, it does make some sense. The 2s pack seems like it would balance better, since a 2 cell balancer would be balancing only 2 cells, instead of 4 cells.

Does anyone have any insight on this, I will be picking up one of the two batteries for my Slash. I will be running a MambaMax ESC and a 4600kv motor for the track and a 7700kv motor for bashing.

I should also add that I haven't had any problems out of my 4000 or 6000 saddle packs for my B44, which I believe are 2s2p (4000) and 2s3p (6000).
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