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Originally Posted by Advil
Actually Adrian, it is you that has no clue. I don't care about LIPO as I don't run them. I care about the guys that do because it is easy for them to use. They bring one charger, some tools, some parts, their car, and a new set of tires. They run competitvely with us. (We make them add lead to their cars to make weight.) How simple is that? No lathes for com cutting (they run brushless), no need for dischargers and balancers. They only have to bring two packs to run. It is very simple for them. And it is BRINGING THEM TO THE TRACK!
I think everybody should read this again, or make sure they saw it at least once. This is a good thing for racing and for racers, and making moves to take it away is bad. People are finding things that make racing easier to maintain and more fun. Why, why, why would anybody try to stifle that?
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