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Originally Posted by weenergurl View Post
Well, not knowing your wife, I can only tell you how my husband got me into it and maybe you can take something from that:
-I hung out with him in the garage alot. Learned some lingo by osmosis I guess.
-He'd bring along a mini LST when we were camping, wait for me to have a beer (which was like 5 minutes), and bring it out. He'd ASK me if I wanted to try it. Several times. Then he'd put the radio in my hand. Never criticised me once, never pushed, only gave me positive feedback (not too much) and made obstacle courses for me. If I broke something, he wouldn't make a big deal. When I'd had enough, he put it away.
-I'd watch him have a riot with his vehicles. He'd ask me if I wanted to do something like learn how to re-fuel for him. I did. More positive feedback (like I was his "pit fox" and the like)
-We were camping at an RC airplane event and brought a couple of his trucks. For something to do, he set me up at the off-road track there when there was no one else around, and just let me do whatever. That was fun. Better for me than just an aimless drive to nowhere.
-One day he brought home an E-Revo and called it "the wife's" to his friends. It wasn't like a gift, it was just an ordinary day. I thought it was a joke for a long time. Then he'd ask me if I wanted to drive MY car. That's when I started to feel connected to it.
-Now I've found a place to rip around an off-road track, became members, and NEED a daily dose of two battery sets. His best advice to me was "first you get good, then you get fast", and "don't steer the car, just correct it". He lets his pride show, and that makes me want to jump him. He times and marshals me, or joins in and we go for a chew together. I'm still new to it, but have been told by strangers that I could race. All I'm shooting for is to avoid DNF's. I feel I have a new hobby. Now if only I can get him interested in quilting.....
-Sorry, way longer than I intended. Hope you can pull some tips out, and good luck. It's waaaay worth it. Be patient.
Nice try, but fat chance,sister!!!!!

My wife came out of the blue a couple days ago:

"You haven't flown your helicopters in a while....you should fly one soon."

I was like, "Yeah, I should prep one for next weekend."

She replied, "You should. I wanna try it out."

After knocking a RC10s Tekin 410 ESC out cold for two years (seriously it took two years for it to just start working again), no way was she getting her mitts on my helis..... My nitro and electric cars, sure I'll let her race those since she can drive them better than my son. But my birds? When pigs fly.

Well, maybe the micro one. It doesn't bruise much when it hits you.
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