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Personally, i've found the GTB esc to be much smoother than the ss5800. Especially on low throttle which is where some ppl complain of cogging.
Smoothness is subjective, but having owned both systems the GTB is noticeably smoother.

Note that the brushless motors and esc's are much smoother and more linear than any brushed motor anyway. Also, depending on what you run, the ss+ and GTB in particular have adjustable drag brake.

Drag brake imitates a brushed motor's deceleration off throttle, where brushless motors in comparison seem to coast forever. Very useful if your vehicle doesn't turn in(tune in more drag brake) or gets loose off throttle (tune is less drag brake).

Let me just say, that i've never really felt any cogging with either motor, and never suffered any problems with the stator not moving etc...

The higher wind motors are easier to control than the lower 6.5r and 5.5r velocity series. In offroad, depending on what kind of track you run, having an excess of power is not an advantage is your car can't get it to the ground without spinning up the tires.

As for tuning down the power... haven't ever tried it myself. But you can always play around with throttle exponentials to get the required feel..

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