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Personally I am thinking a front gear diff for 2 reasons from what I've read so far. First it seems to be more durable in a front crash on the front end parts since it has some give vs. a spool which doesn't. Second from what I've read it fits my off road driving style of diving fast and har into a corner under breaking and then quick power out after the apex. Correct me if I'm wrong but that is what I took away from 100+ pages of random post on the S1

Not sure what you mean by SJCC lol new to the area. For indoor/tuning runs I found a nice shop called crispy critters RC here in central/northern jersey. Once I can make it around the track there without crashing every corner I plan on heading down to the big outdoor raceway at jackson hobbies. Haha don't want to show up there and be the noob who wrecked into someone's $1000 dollar ride with my noob mobile!
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