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Originally posted by audiaudi
I know that them much more is not a store.. I have found a hobby shop in seoul when I m in seoul last year, but I wanna see more........ I know stuffs in seoul is not really cheap... but I really wanna see hobby shops there, in fact I wanna see hobby shop in all over the world...... even in India....
Think of that... I have been to quite a lot of place before..... but for sure I'll spend at least 2 days for searching hobby shop.....
Last year in Seoul, I have searched hobby shop for a week...
someone told me that there is one hobby shop in nam dei mun (in seoul), and I have seen a truck with an "team orion" decal on it but there are no body inside, but I can never find the hobby shop there. If you know it, can you tell me then? since I may stay in the Hilton hotel near Nam dei mun.... and should be able to surf there for 1 or 2 days...

alright then nam dea moon/... is there hobby shop in namdeamoon? i never seen hobby shop in namdeamoon.
but u can find many hobby shop in yang-jea-dong.
there is a offroad circuit in yangjeadong.
so u can get some of r/c data..
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