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then please instruct me on what Iím doing wrong. 482 receiver Muchmore Fleta speedconteol? If the motor temp feature is only capable with a Sanwa speedo and servo then keep the Telemetry receiver and give the world a cheaper regular receiver. I have the temp sensor made for the Sanwa system yet it doesnít work. How is yours working?
I understand now. you need a sanwa speedo for the 482. all of the vortex has it built in so you could even do the sport version but there are something like 3 or 4 levels of sanwa speedos, i think there is another receive that allows external sensors. You can also log to the transmitter. The CX servo is cheap and fast but the parameters you can change in it really dont do allot for me.

you dont get the voltages from just the receiver? You might want to pick up the esc. no more program boxes. you can program from the radio too. If you are interested download a manual for a vortex and look at the list of (10) parameters that you can bind to a button or knob or even connect the parameters to telemetry for auto adjust.
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