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Originally Posted by 1rcracer View Post
Hmmm... ok chap.. with out sounding rude.....

firstly.... regionals with how many drivers in "stock" johnson 540 class ?
right.... secondly ,what car came first ?

Dont get my wrong if you didnt read what i said or didnt understand it , i dont know . as i said in our country with foams on tar "usually" , at the Nats (not the little regionals).

the only way to get the car(416) decent is to upgrade the bottom and top decks. I started racing with tamiya and still
love that brand but if you understand any thing about setting up a car you will know that the std kits (not carpet spec) is usually slow on our surfaces.....

how many tamiyas came top 3 at "any" nats last year ?

In za you can hope to pick up the pieces with 416 (any edition) . you can have a hope if you put about $150 more into the car.

About the world champion.... MarcR is the best driver!!
You will never sniff the same car he had at the worlds,
even if it says worlds edition.
and besides its run on rubber not foam (correct me if im wrong there is no foam spec 416)....

so if you wanna make believe in 27T or 540 class with the 416 be my guest...

in ending... i will probably buy one for MOD.....
A few excillent points my good man. But in defence I would have to say that I have witnessed an 05MS with foams on it and no one could "sniff" that one either. (good one BTW) sniff For as much as anyone cares about what I think, I would bet my 416WE could be dialed on foam. But then again, FOAM IS FOR PAN CARS! Sorry , didn't mean to shout. U.S. speck cars should have different ackerman for driving around the end of 2x4's. Thats about it.
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