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Hello Soyer,

Before adding Head Shim, You might try to use a colder plug, maybe P4 for Your B2101. And 3mm "in" for the High Speed Needle is suspiciously something not commonly right. Did You check the carb opening, the carb slide might not open fully so that You keep leaning the top to get a "good" top end.

Originally Posted by Soyer View Post
Lol sorry to sound like a noob but my issues were with those two engine but my Triton L4 and p5xlt ran perfectly fine with little to no adjustment for weather. I ended up opening up the b2101 it was dripping with oil! I added a .1mm headshim and retuned idle a full tank perfectly fine now but the hsp needle is about 3mm in from flush still has smoke and temps are about 250f. I just never ran it so far in and was worried lol
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