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from what i have seen and done you need to work out what the car is going to be most used for. whether it be drift of racing cause you will have to set the car up. if you opt for drift mainly with some race then you can not just throw some tyres on and go you will destroy your car. This is due to the fact that the car will be geared for more torque and the motor wont handle the new grip it has and start over heating. So you will have to change the pinion and spur gear. They way you have your spring and shocks is different as well, but id you are just mucking around with it then it wont affect it to much. It will just make it quicker to turn. It will not be really idea to go competition racing with. If you set it up for race and throw some drift tyres on then your fine wont need to change a thing.

So that said you need to work out what you want the car mainly for and then you can work you setups to suit.
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