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Friday night was a super relaxed atmosphere in the pits of the Calgary Horseshoe club. There were lots of laughs, tight racing and great information shared about key elements of boost, turbo and other tekin secrets.

Raz "The Stallion" Minutoli finally showed up for a Friday night instead of his usual Tinder escapades and scoring with hockey moms. Welcome back!

TC Stock B

TC Stock B main was filled to the brim with racers with all kinds of talent and Blub. The starting race order was King Kwong, Bulb, Matador, Wing man, The Stallion, Prime Time, and Funky Bunch. When the lights dropped the pedal hit the metal and they were off! Clearing (2 ) whole corners before King Kwong misjudged his approach speed and tapped a corner spinning off the fast line and being collected by the pack. Behind him Matador had an amazing car and drove around everyone and through skill and determination pulled his car into the lead. Blub had walked onto the stand shedding clothing like a man with focus and determination! Focus was the name of his game while he ran clean fast laps.. For 3 minutes, then like qualifying dive bombed from his position down the ladder. Behind him The Wing was steadily calculating his approach to his death-star run. His vehicle was in tip top shape and his wing was clear so his opponents would not see him coming! Having performed a sweet pass on King Kwong he was able to maintain his position! The Stallion was looking fresh and smelling of sweet Tinder mare. His throttle finger was operating with nothing but smooth precision after months of "swiping right" on Tinder. Quickly he gained position after position until he was solid placed in the second, his favorite spot. Prime Time and Funky Bunch were battling it out for the bottom of the pack. Prime Time was throwing all his high definition moves at Funky Bunch, but it just was not enough. Funky Bunch was not to be phased and ran a clean race.

Finishing Order

James "Matador", Raz "The Stallion", Tim "Bulb", Chris "Wing", John "King Kwong", Mark "Funk Bunch", Matt "Prime Time"

TC Stock A

Poll position was secured by The Scientist and all the other slow MOFO's (Scat Man, Cheese, Fat Stacks, The Gymnast, Mechanic, and One Lap.) were behind him. The sound of the tone signaled "race time" and they were off quicker then Who Can with a phone number of a female. The Scientist was immediately under pressure by Scat who was working on his latest novel "13 things you can do in the forest alone". Scat's peyote powered race car soon found the inside of a corner with the Scientist was busy collecting his ingredients for speed. Scat was so happy having claimed 1st that he stuck out his pinky finger for extra style points. Unfortunately that extra wind resistance caused him to make a mistake and falter his lead. Cheese started off his race with an amazing speed and agility, unfortunately he over cooked the milk and instead of smooth and easy flowing he got chunky and wilted skills. Fat stacks was caught red handed working on his tires for over 20 minutes, so he paid off The Gymnast to hit a board and cause a dance party that collected the back of the pack. The mechanic was able to move up one position once he cleared the party and never looked back. One lap spent most of his time enjoying the tears of The Gymnast as he lapped him over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. All the fun he was having lapping The Gymnast he did not notice that he also ran a faster lap then the custom chassis of fat stacks chan.

Finishing Order
Dywane "Scientist", Ivan "Fat Stacks Fabio", Blaine "One Lap", Kerry "Scatman", Trevor "Mechanic", Sammy "Cheese(fart)", Walter "The Gymnast"

Mod B Main

Mechanic started clean and was able to build a nice little lead on the field of Maverick, One Lap and King Kwong. As the race progressed it was clear that One Lap had the slowest car of the field, running a 8.5 blinky he was driving Miss Daisy around the track. However, the rest of the field wanted to battle hard for position and soon King Kwong parked his vehicle in the corner allowing Miss Daisy past. Next up the road with Maverick who was piloting his fighter ship with skill and precision.... Right into a corner dot and flipping over.. Again Miss Daisy drove past. Maverick was frustrated with his skills and turned on his afterburners getting close to Miss Daisy but never able to execute a pass. With (1) second left Maverick crossed the finish line on his last attempt to catch Miss Daisy 5 seconds up the track. Miss Daisy took a page right out of Blub's playbook and choked so hard that even Jenna Jameson would have had to have paramedics called.

Finishing Order

Trevor "Mechanic", Benny "Maverick" Blaine "One Lap", John "King Kwong"

Mod A

The Beard, Speed, Hobbyshop, Fat Stacks and The Professor were able to place in the A main mod event. The Beard was on fire having made his vehicle handle like a slot car it was only a matter of 5 minutes before he brought home the win. Behind him there was nothing hard, hard battles! Hobbyshop made quick work of Speed because his wife showed up and he needed to impress her for their friday night race track date night. Speed dropped down the order after clipping a corner and allowing Fat Stacks beautifully painted yellow body through. The professor worked is way up the field taking notes on the other drivers skill and lines to be used next week.

Finishing Order
Matt "Beard", Erwin "Hobbyshop", Ivan "Fat Stacks", Jim "The Professor", Tommy "Speed"
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