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Originally Posted by ApexSpeed View Post
Definitely not what I was expecting, either. But nice!

I'm wondering how a lager brushless GTB with a fan fits in that area under the shock? Have you guys tried to fit something with a higher profile in there?

I don't see these cars taking a foothold at indoor carpet tracks for many of the same reasons they died 15 years ago, but outdoors on flat paved tracks and low turn motors on lipos, this could be a fantastic class.
There is room to move the speedo left to right and allow for a speedo with a fan. There is also more room in the electronics area to mount larger speedos.

The biggest reason these car died out before was the physical size of them
(235mm) which is just too big for indoor tracks and most asphalt tracks in the US and also the speed. The speed was too much and the cars became very dangerous.

With the more narrow(200mm) and the cooperation of the general public and track owners, We can keep the speeds to where they are safe like we have in TC and they will be small enough to run indoors without any sacrifices.

I really feel that these cars can be a cheaper answer for TC. They handle better, they are cheaper, and much more simple for people to get them working real good.

I really feel that once people try them and see how similar on the track they are to TC, they will be more widely accepted. We need to get them out there and running.

I know that this car is not what alot of you expected. I was on the fence on whether to keep it standard and go with the flow or stick to my guns and go for all out performance and ease of use. I went the direction of being different because i felt that all of my products are a reflection of my ability to develope the best handling car i can. If i didnt go the route i did, i would not have been true to myself or happy with a product that i offer. When it came down to it, I thought to myself that if i didnt go for the performance and follow my views that i would rather not release the car at all. I wouldnt be able to sleep at night thinking that i just went with the flow when i didnt feel it was a best effort.
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