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Originally Posted by SPARKY426 View Post
OK....took the head, carb and fuel tank off. Cleaned any excess fuel from inside the engine, and took the carb apart to check it. Put everything back together and then blew through the exhaust tube, draining any fuel from the tank. I had just picked up a quart of Traxxas 20% fuel, so I put a little in my filler bottle, shook it around and drained it. I then filled the tank 1/4 way, shook it a bit and blew the fuel through the tubing and dumped it. Mounted the tank, filled with fresh fuel, the fuel flowed better, and...BAM...the S.O.B. started !! Now, let's see what happens in the AM...LOL.

Thanks for all your help guys!!!!

P.S.....how would I use a hair dryer if I'm in the middle of a field?

Good stuff Glad you got it sorted..
to answer your question about the hair dryer I have a 12v attachment that plugs into the cigerette lighter in my car so I can take the heat gun anywere but my local track has power so its never a problem..
even If you heated the engine up and start it for a minute or so before you leave home then set your piston to bottom dead centre the engine should(providing you dont have to go too far). hold atleast alittle of the residual heat to make starting alittle easier..
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