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Originally Posted by Pooh2 View Post
Do you and have you read the entire bible? I'm asking cause I have. And if so then can you answer some questions then. I find that 99% of people go off of hear say when it comes to the bible and do little or no research of their own.
Yip, read it many times. And trust GOD---there is a Heaven and Hell, whether YOU believe it or not. The real question here is----with all the evidence proving that God exists, why do people NOT still believe there is only ONE God.

And this is the Racers 4 Christ section, we can freely talk about God in here all we want. If you don't want to be a part of that discussiion, then you are free to hang out in the sections where they don't talk about God.

Religion doesn't start wars, people do. There have been MANY wars over the centuries, and 99% of them had NOTHING to do with religion. Hmmm....So I wonder why so many think that religions starts wars?? Interesting...

It's funny, cuz whenever Christians take a stand for what the Bible says is right and true, we are called bigots, war-starters, unforgiving, hypocritical, etc... But when people want to put a stop to Christianity, they are called freedom fighters, intelligent, peace-makers, etc....lol. That's too funny, cuz those people are ACTUALLY the hypocrites--thinking they should only be the ones allowed to voice what THEY believe is right!...lol. They scream FREE SPEECH FOR EVERYONE---unless it's Christianity...lol.

Gotta love it!...lol.

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