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Originally Posted by NiMo
Just found the set up problem that was holding me back
It was the clutch spring !!
I found it too late and snatchy for my liking and I had released it so much it fell off the end of the thread
I had a spare spring for the FW05 3D clutch, this felt as stiff as the RRR 4D spring but it is about 1.5mm shorter.
I now have the clutch biting that little earlier which allows me more control of the power uptake around those sweepers.
Since this change I have had to go back to the 16T gear, and also tighten up the 2nd gear clutch, and the best bit is that the motor which I thought was running lean was actually running rich by half a turn.
Now to start a race set up all over again, and to re-time the tank run again.
i have also noticed this problem. i swapped the centax clutch spring with the centax clutch spring of the older K cars. got mine from the centax clutch of an rr. now, i can screw in the spring retainer more without having to worry that it might come off... the older centax clutch spring is shorter than the one that came with the kit...
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