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thats one of the many reasons why I dont ship outside the USA. you did the proper thing with putting the correct value on the package. what his country charges is on him. custom fees are a pain in the a$$. if the other guy decides not to pay the custom fees, then eventually you should get your truck back. sucks you bought all those parts, but it would be best to send his back.
did you by the sc10 parts online or at a local hobby shop? and if it was local, did you keep the receipt? hopefully you did if thats the case. worst case if your truck comes back, is youll be out the extra shipping for sending his truck back. if it all comes to that, I would still put a proper value on the customs forms. dont screw yourself by putting a zero value. so either way, he will have to pay some form of a customs fee on his side.
anyways, my 1/2 cents worth.
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