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Originally Posted by rcracerdude
i don't think we, the consumers, can really control the cost. the economy plays a big role, but the most in control are the manufacturers, the business owners. do they want to make more money? or maybe that is just the way supply and demands works? whatever it is, if we can make rules of which type of tires to use, we can also make rules of how many tires we could use in a long main (or short main)

The consumer has full control of costs. If he is willing to spend the money for all the neat things, the manufactures will make them and find new things to take your money. They will also charge premium price for the pleasure. If the consumer says he isnt willing to spend the money the manufacturers cant take the chance on bringing out a new product that could dent their annual turnover.

Why open the rules to allow quick release changing if we are going to restrict the rules on its use?
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