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TC on carpet with foams is so dead it's really not even worth considering anymore. Sure, it's still got pockets of popularity in the US, but the popularity has declined dramatically, while rubber tire has easily already surpassed it in the US and then some. Look at the biggest classes at the US races and you'll see what I mean. There are manufacturers making purpose-built foam cars for a dying market, so why would Tamiya bother with that instead of focusing on the growing popularity of rubber? It makes no sense.

I was at IIC, and watched the TRF guys in foam. To be honest, I didn't really get the impression they were taking the class as seriously as rubber, since they were using it to test out new things, like LiPo. It seemed like they were struggling a bit to figure out setup, which doesn't surprise me considering they never run it, and foam tire setups are pretty different (and unintuitive). In spite of all that, they still managed to beat some US drivers that have cars made for foam, and a lot more experience with them.

I have no doubt the 416 could be a good foam car with the right parts, just like the T2'009 is with the right parts. But complaining about it is like taking a T2'009 rubber spec and saying it's not a good foam car. Of course it's not, it isn't supposed to be. Neither is the 416. I'm sure Tamiya will look at the 800 1st place trophies they've won in the last year at all the top races and not worry too much about missing out on winning a foam race in someone's basement.
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