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Originally Posted by JimmyMac View Post
I have several runs on both my packs.

On the box,
Pack 1;
415 seconds 7.34v
4034 mAh 7.1 IR

Pack 2;
409 seconds 7.35v
3976 mAh 7.2 IR

Last nights cycle was,

Pack 1;
422 seconds 7.32v
4102 mAh 7.5 IR

Pack 2;
416 seconds 7.33v
4044 mAh 7.5 IR

I will cycle them again tonight and post my numbers. I'm gonna keep track of them every week and post up my numbers. See how things come out over the next several months. I am using a GFX lipo edition with 2.90 software. 35amp discharge with 4amp charge (4000mAh setting) and 180 seconds cool down. I discharge the pack down to 6v before the Cycle starts. No pack warming. All done at room temperature for the Cycle readings to keep consistency.
Originally Posted by JimmyMac View Post
Here is my cycle tonight. I'll cycle again next week after race day.

Pack 1;
420 seconds 7.34v
4083 mAh 7.2 IR

Pack 2;
416 seconds 7.33v
4044 mAh 7.2 IR
Here is my cycle after Sunday's trophy race. This race day I was charging at 12amps. When I got home, I of course went back to 1C at 4amp or 4000 mAh charge for the cycle. Previous race charges were at 8amp. And of course at 1C for the cycle.

Pack 1;
417 seconds 7.35v
4054 mAh 7.2 IR

Pack 2;
413 seconds 7.35v
4015 mAh 7.1 IR

Back again next weekend after another trophy race out of state in Arkansas (Nats track). I'll continue the 12amp charge and see what comes of it.
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