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On our (Ampdraw's) side, we went through last weekend and manually canceled every subscription we could find that was still active with us. Paypal provides NO way to determine who all is currently subscribed so this was a time consuming and generally annoying process.

As part of it, we also refunded EVERY payment that had been made to us in the past two months.

It's unfortunate that there was not a better way to resolve this, but when we sold the site we did not envision Paypal offering absolutely no customer service to us as far as a mass subscription cancellation.

To those complaining about the automatic billing/renewal: this was clearly stated when you signed up on Paypal's side. Unfortunately very few people (myself included usually) take the time to read the stuff and it comes as a surprise. In hindsight we obviously were not very happy with Paypal's service on this and it turned out to be a poor choice, however at the time we started the program we did not plan on selling the site and were much more hands on with support issues (since we were directly tied to the health of the site).

One other thing to add: we have answered EVERY email that has been sent to one of the support addresses we can check (i.e. anything @ampdraw.com) and have provided every requested refund that we are able to do. If anybody thinks this isn't the case please let us know so we can track it down and take care of it. We stopped having anything to do with the business end of this site at the beginning of the year, so all we are able to do is help you with canceling existing subs to our old address and refunding those.

Hope that clears some stuff up, obviously this is not an ideal situation for everybody, the lesson I've learned is basically, Paypal sucks.
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