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Originally posted by Buda
I know its not needed and really is just eye candy but it does look cool. Does anyone run this? How does it compare to the stock TC3 chassie for weight stiffness and most importantly durability/strength. I would hate to pay 150 for it have a board hit and bye bye. I probably wont get it but just currious. I try to spend money on "good" stuff. First new part this year will be the BRP front bumper and nerf wings
Buda - I run the IRS chassis on both of my tc3s. Really, they are just eye candy. When i compared the weight of the IRS chassis (with the aluminum standoffs and the center brace installed) to the weight of the graphite chassis, it felt exactly the same. Although, I do feel that it helped my car handle better. When ever I tell it to do something, the car does exactly what I want and never never ever loses traction. When I added the grahite stiffining kit the handling was even better. I use futaba stardard servos with 41 oz. of torque and a .22 trasit time. When my friend drove it we could have swore that I had a high torque high speed servo in it because the handling was so great. Really it depends on your drviing style if you need it or not. I am a pretty erratic driver and crank they whell all the way to the left and all the way to the right and barely let of the trottle the gas it in the turn. It just the way I drive and the IRS chassis helped lots. If you do it get it I would locktight the standoffs to the chassi, because when you use a mod motor, the screws will back out and you will lose them. I use everysingle IRS part on my tc3 and the car weight 50.1 oz. Not bad with all the aluminum. IRS customer servcie is the best out there too. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
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