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M06R is still not in stock in the US... And the part number for the weights is not listed. What I don't like is that you have I use them with the Alu rear uprights. I don't like alu up rights and knuckles.. Those are the parts that receive the forces of a crash. Prefer plastic that can be replaced, cheaply.

I was at an indoor track tuning my car for a race tomorrow. It started the day very unstable.. I was finally able to get it to drive right again. Some of the changes I made were to remove sway bars completely, looks like the car doesn't need it. I'm addition I went back to yellow springs up front and red in rear with 35wt oil all around. I also stopped being lazy and removed gear diff and installed ball diff.

WOW! What a difference! The car accelerates much better and is much more r
fully agree with you on the uprights. Not needed, a 417 has also plastic ones.
So you went from serial gear diff to TA03 ball diff I guess?
Im in the meantime stuck to my 3Racing gear diff. But also started with serial and then Ta03 ball diff. I guess if your acceleration is better now, your ball diff is adjusted a little heavier than the gear diff?

Rear weight are 11.5g. With the TRF shocks on the new shock mount, the car sits at about 5mm in the rear, no droop at all. with the front, I found I needed to put one o-ring as spacer in the shock to get the droop I want.

I haven't tried the car yet, so I can't comment on the usefulness of the extra parts.

Martin Paradis
Thanks for the weights, maybe I have to try some extra weights like Raman on the plastic knuckles, to see the effect. Can you confirm, that the rear piston rods are 2mm longer, like in the Pro Kit?
5mm ground clearance in rear with nearly no droop, sounds like my actual setup.
But if you had the kit setup for the R regarding oil and pistons, that would really be helpful!

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