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Default 2016 Kyosho Optima brushless gear ratio.

Hi everyone,
This is my first post, so forgive me if I err in some way. I have a 2016 Kyosho Optima and have a question about changing the gear ratio. The stock final drive ratio is 9.24:1, with spur/pinion of 61t/25t.

When I built the buggy, I installed the Castle Sidewinder 4 combo with the 1410 series motor- 3800kv. Itís still pretty cold and snowy here in Massachusetts, so itís had limited run time, but suffice to say, very quick, very fast.

Kyosho sells a part OTW126, which is a spur gear (51t) they recommend for brushless setups. Hereís the thing- when I get it and pull out the instruction sheet, I notice they recommend using 30, 31, or 32t pinion. So the middle option puts the final drive ratio at 6.24:1 (according to their specs).

That sems like like a major change, and I was just wondering if anyone had tried this out yet. Pretty sure the Castle combo is up to the task, and I have one of those infrared devices to check temps, but still, the disparity in ratios just seems a bit nuts.

Thanks for your consideration!
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