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I have the TA07 pro and its a nice kit, goes together well. The TB05 pro will be similar quality and i don't think you'll be disappointed unless you're used to building the top level kits. I found the must have hop ups to race are the carbon fibre stiffeners and the alloy suspension blocks. The servo mount and carbon shock towers are nice to have too. People who know how to tune would also like the swaybars. You can go nuts with hop ups though which is part of the fun right - who needs the TA07MS when you can spend twice as much on your TA07 pro...

I know most people say shaft drive is better for unprepared surfaces but the TB05 still has exposed spur and pinion so i doubt there is much difference between them. If you're really worried about exposed gears and want to stay Tamiya then a TB03 or TB04 could be better, but they don't have the different motor positions and stiffeners etc.

Not helpful eh, I would just go with the one you like the look of, I doubt theres much difference between the TA07 and TB05
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