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what is everyone doing in R/C?
there seems to be so much snobbery (I know that's not a real word)
Are most into R/C to drive around 'Designer' names and show everyone how much money they can spend?

The bottom line is that most racers I know buy their R/C cars to race; to finish first or to the best of their ability and have fun trying.

Does it really matter in the club racing scene if a local Xray car beats a local HPI car? Chances are one has better skill or a better setup.

I understand the point... save the Major companies, copying hurts them.
But think about it, without racing programs and places to race, there would not be anyone buying 'authentic' cars or 'copied cars'. This applies the other way too, without major companies, racers could not buy cars to race. Ahh... the World comes full circle.

The important thing is that we need to grow and accept new racers with their cars to grow and keep our hobby alive. $500 tourning cars won't help that.
Maybe that's part of why many local tracks close down one by one. Due to the lack of new racers and super inflated prices to get started.

I have the copy as well as many 'Real Deal' Tamiyas. I help to keep my local tracks running by buying 'Real' 416 parts for my clone, should I need them, and paying weekly race fees to race.

Where will the Major car companies be when your local track closes and you have nowhere to race? Then you'll have a $500 static model because I know you're not going to bash with a 416. Get out there and introduce new people to the hobby no matter what car they buy. The money will go to the major brand in parts as the newbie's break them.
Let's not make R/C a rich boy toy club.
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