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Originally Posted by Velocitygt View Post
Well done Jake!

As Oleg has previously stated on here, you need to be careful when first building the universal bones not to open the cage any more than with a 2mm flat blade. If this is done then you will not have a problem with it popping open.

I have had over 50 runs with this car already without any problems, even in crashes.
Hey Velocitygt,

I used a 2.5mm flat blade because that is what the manual suggests. I guess I missed Oleg's post suggesting a 2mm ? . If so, I am sure he will alter the manual so others may not make the same choice.

Hey Bb,
Sorry, this requires clarification on my part. I had taken some hits for sure but apparently the wheel universal ( CV , bone ) stayed together such that it still allowed me to keep running with it partially disengaged. I may have tapped a board lightly which made the Universal completely disengage during this practice run. IMHO I'm sure that a previous hard hit was the cause not a slight tap.
I've mostly owned X-rays ( which is a great car IMHO ). In my experience The X-ray ECS "universals" have always required heat shrink to somewhat reliably stay together, even in stock. ( finding solid pins without a flat spot also works but then "requires" heat shrink.) I'm assuming the same heat shrink trick solution will work with the A700's. Anyway, I purposefully didn't heat shrink them from the start to see if I would experience any problems. Basically, I see this as a very small fixable issue by a user or by a future change in design by Oleg, or just possibly including some heat shrink in with the kit.

I have no problem being critical of this car since it incorporates so many great design ideas into one car that it outweighs any of its small faults. The sooner these things are addressed the better for Oleg and us. Of course, the car hasn't been out long enough with the masses for other things to pop up. For me, after building it and hitting many boards, IMHO it has taken some punishment that many other cars wouldn't have taken without multiple suspension part failure. SO FAR, as far as RC crashes, this car has handled crashes and bumps very well for the time I've owned it.

Hi John Doucakis,

Yeah, I guess I should change those upper camber links around . You are the second person to notice. I bought some of the Kyosho harder ball cups that Mark D suggested and haven't had a chance to change them out. I am of the opinion it doesn't matter since the geometry is symmetrical either way. Anyway I'm hopeful of finding a reverse thread 3mm Tap before I do this. The self tapping threads are a bit tight when adjusting the turnbuckles so the cup sometimes pops off the balls ( during adjustment ! ). By pre tapping it they should turn more easily.

JB, thanks man. I'm sure glad I hopped in the car and drove 3 hours. I almost didn't.


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