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I've only just seen the thread and registered. I'm intrigued by this and good going for trying but I'm skeptical of whether or not it works, I've been interested in doing the same thing but I can think of many problems. I would like to ask some questions and hopefuly get a better understanding of how it works.....

1) The concept of the 2stroke is that both the inlet and exhaust ports are open at the same time. If so how can any pressure be built up?

2) how have you made the turbocharger, the parts like bearings impellar, housing must be so small and fiddly?

3) What rpm does the impellar spin at and does it actualy build up pressure?

4) Have you had to ajust the fueling to cope with the extra airflow?

5) Have you got a device which allows the turbo to spool up at a certain revs or is it boosting at idle?

Cheers I have some more questions but can't think of them right now. If one of the nitro guru's could speak to me on msn about this I would be very greatful.
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