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This weekend there was a regional "X-ray Challenge" race I didn't think I could attend but I made it in time for "last chance qualifier". In an effort to merely make the A main I drove conservatively and put it 3rd on the grid. Big props to the Awesomatix A700 for making that possible. This is just my third race with the car. I didn't have much time ( 3 packs in practice ) to "dial it in" but honestly it didn't need much adjustment to be competitive on a track it had never seen. In the triple mains I finished 2-1-2 against a 1-3-1 so I ended up second overall. Considering I was driving amongst some of the best stock drivers in the region I am very pleased with the result. The beauty of this car is that it is very consistent run to run and doesn't do anything odd through the run. VERY precise, predictable, stable and has great corner speed on throttle. I need to try the optional ackermann or possibly just adjust the standard ackermann because my only complaint with my current setup is slow speed tight corners I wasn't getting enough rotation. That being said, I haven't had much practice time to experiment with other setups so I can't really conclude that ackermann is the overall change required.

But more importantly I do want to share a "failure" but it was fixable and preventable ( so long as the parts were found on the track ). I was preparing a new set of tires just before A3 by driving for a few minutes. I didn't remember hitting anything during this bit of open track but noticed the car was suddenly not quite right, yet oddly not too bad to drive considering what I'd find was wrong. I figured it was the set of tires being too new so I pulled the car off to get ready for A3 which was about 15 minutes away from starting. Luckily someone looking at my car noticed that the bone ( ST13 + ST16 ) was missing on the front right. ( I must have handed the car to a couple dozen people to view it , so glad I did because I may have overlooked the missing bone and raced it that way in A3 !!! So a bunch of fellow racers quickly searched the track and the bone was found intact. I was very lucky since I didn't have a spare bone. All went back together and I was set for finale.

So," long story short ", I highly agree, as previously suggested, that people use Heat Shrink on the front ( and maybe also the rear ? ) universal joints to hold ST17 from popping open. ST17 was stuck popped open when we found it. I'll probably use two layers of heat shrink or a vinyl wrap of some sort.

AND I walked away with one of the coolest trophies I've ever seen. RC America ~ Xray awards the podium finishers this thick clear pit/setup board. Awesome


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