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Hi All, I had my first run with the A700 on saturday and was very very happy with the car. I race in the UK and run 10.5 boosted and felt the car had very good accelaration and very good corner speed. One corner on the track was fast sweeping on to the straight which i could take flatout and i found i was alot quicker then anyone else on this part. I did 5 runs at 25laps each with no damage or problems.
As a first test i was very please and looking forward to next weekend.
I started off with Ivans prostock Ets setup which was very easy to drive, i then changed to Ivans winning Ats which i found still was very good but the track layout was quite flowing and this setup was more aggressive. Would be good to have the track to myself tho for testing the car, as i struggled to get a clean lap in to see how fast the car can really go!
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