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Originally Posted by miller tyme View Post
Ran mine last week for the the second time against 2 well set up 109's on foam, I could just about keep up despite using rubber tires, the car pushed like a dump truck and severely lifted the inside front. The traction was very high on an indoor carpet due to it being a huge event. I determined to the problem was the outer front tire biting and since the rear was planted so well the chassis would twist at the top deck where the front is attached. After trying thicket oil and actually running positive rear camber I resigned to make a new chassis. out with the FRP and plastic top deck, in with 2mm carbon fiber. I also wanted better ground clearance so I flipped the lower mount to the bottom deck.

Here is an in process pic, I may get time to test it some today, but no F1's to run against. but if it carves a corner without hiking the inside, I'll call it a success
Ian was telling me about your car. I wish I could have been there in person. I have to agree on the rear end being planted. I don't think there is really a bad tire choice for indoor once you get some heat into it. I like your top deck idea. I was thinking the same thing, but couldn't get past losing the caster adjustment. With upper and lower links, problem solved. It would just need something to raise and lower the front ride height while keeping the front spring in the same place.
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