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Drove mine for the first time today, box stock. It pushes bad at speed. I can see the inside front wheel hopping around high speed corners because the rear end is too soft. It makes the car really unpredictable as it slows down and suddenly has a ton of steering. This car needs a lot more rear spring. I am running Ride Medium Slicks all the way around to get packs through the car and get the feel for it and not have to replace tires every week. Probably good thinking, but after 2 packs the casting ring hasn't even begun to wear off. They do have very good traction. My camber gauge tells me the front is -2*. I loosened everything up and tried to get it to move. No dice. I ran it anyway. I ran the small 35 tooth spur and 34 pinion. I should have gone a couple teeth lower on the pinion for our smallish 66 x 32 high bite carpet track. The car was still accelerating a the end of the straight. Temp ended up in the 145* to 155* range over 4 runs, a little high for my taste. Timing was left at factory on the motor. The TP 21.5 runs really well. The car does accelerate well once its under control, but you feel like you are wrecking in every corner first.

Break 1. Tapped the outside wall lightly after the front end broke loose. Broken kingpin. Inverted the kingpins as recommended.

Break 2. Tried to compensate for the push by turning in a little early. Well a little too early: tap the inside rail breaking upper and lower right, flip, slide upside down and into the outer rail breaking the left upper. Only the left side lower DID NOT break. Everyone at the track was watching and stated that the driver was decapitated in the crash (I didn't put the head on because the paint I tried using ran and had to be stripped back off).

Break 3. Upper rear arm trying to get out of someone's way. Just sad.

I smiled the whole time. Even though it was handful, it was still different and fun. Then I pulled out the F103 on foams and rocketed around for a few dozen laps ending with a traction roll pirouette spin and tail flip off the track. No damage

P.S I did keep the upper and lower aluminum ball inserts from the arms to see If I can find anything they might snap into and be useful at the hobby shop.

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