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Originally Posted by 6376vette View Post
What brand of tires did you use? What compound? What was the racing surface temp.and condition?

I've got the hpi bridgestones in soft and medium on the way. I will give a report after I run them.

Started the fgx build this morning. not too bad but the shocks leak. anyone else have this problem? I used the kit oil and associated green slime but they still leak.
My shocks have leaked like crazy since new. Ordered rebuild kits and while putting new rings in I think I noticed the problem. There is a Sharp flashing on the spacer that goes between the o rings. I never noticed it before since that part of the shock is already assembled. I think the o ring was hanging up on that flashing. Once cleaned up the shocks seem to seal better but I won't know for sure until I drive it again.
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