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Originally Posted by texastc View Post
I got the Pit Shimizu grooved. Front med rear soft. Indoor carpet, medium + grip. Buddy that has raced his for a few weeks (Racer Robert) has same issues. Same tires too because I borrowed his. He has tried Ride Super Softs all around, Rides Super soft rear/soft front, Grooved soft all around and Soft rear/ med front. From what I'm understanding, rear end just needs to be stiffer. I don't know, I have less than a full pack through my car. Handles very well, just don't know how much better it can get. His is plenty fast. Really anxious to hit the carpet. Took this weekend off and it is killing me

My shocks haven't leaked.
Sounds like we are racing very similar conditions. I'm indoor carpet med to high grip. Track temps have been 65 to 70 this winter. Guess we can compare set up notes.

The 10th will be my first time out. ill be sure to report.

maybe my o rings are a little dry and need to swell up a little. I will keep an eye on them.
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