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Originally Posted by Bobinmt View Post
My RS has the first two and last two lights flashing and the motor wont go unless I give it a little help by turning the wheels. It ran fine the first two races and then wouldn't run for the third? According to the Tekin website this error code could mean that I have the wrong motor selected but when I checked it with my hot wire it is set for brushless. I've tried a new booster, receiver, sensor wire and a known good motor with no avail? Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated..

Also if I turn the switch for the speed control on first the lights flash correctly on the speed control. If I turn the booster on first it flashes with the error code I noted above, but either way it wont run!
If you get this issue grab a 2s and power the esc up with it. IF the issue goes away your rx booster or rx pack isn't supplying enough voltage.
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