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Originally Posted by MeBeMikey View Post
I'm on the Xray Team here in the UK. Here's my basic set-up that works well almost everywhere I go:

HPI Pink (f) and Silver (r) springs
Shocks mounted center hole
MuchMore 450 or Associated 37.5 oil
Alum Shocks w/ 1.1mm 3 hole pistons (0 rebound)
Droop 6 f. 5 r.
Kit CVD's. I'm faster with them.
Camber 1.5 all around
1 deg toe out front
3 degree toe in rear
5.2mm ride height
Dif oil 1000 Edit brand
No shims on inner bulks (camber link) 2mm outer front and 4mm outer rear.
Front spool
Sorex 28r tyres and LRP Carpet additive.
To solve any issues with my car I adjust additive timing and might lower front shocks one hole.

For MooreSpeed tyres I run MooreSpeed Red springs and HPI silver rears.
This is pretty much what all us Xray team drivers run in the uk, give or take a couple of things, you never know mikey, I might let you get a littler closer to me at the next round of the winter series
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