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I am a late reader in this forum and i have brainstormed this idea myself many times... feel free to blast my suggestions id like to get second opinions...

The current setup of a nitro rc car uses exhaust pressure to boost the flow of fuel.. so why not put the turbine between the end of the tuned pipe and the fuel tank? (optimising the current\proven method)

Combining this with optimising the air intake and reducing compression this would compliment the 2 stroke engine by allowing it to accept only the air and fuel that it sucks in itself.
This would also allow the engine to retain its fuel optimisation properties accentuated by the tuned pipe.

I also had an idea for a turbo exhaust. The pipe is split in two by a butterfly controlled with a spring.. an engine with lowered compression for induction purposes would benefit at low end from a small exhaust chamber and then when the exhaust hits a certain pressure the butterfly opens allowing the engine to access the whole potential of the tuned pipe.
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