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Originally Posted by scoop View Post
What change's did you go for in the end then? Do you only run foams or are the Sweep 28's rubber? The tires you use will depend on the temperatures you are racing in. As its a lot cooler where i am now we are generally changing to 28's but with additive and tire warmers a lot are still using 32's. I like the Jack the Gripper but havent tried that many.

Well, I went down to a 4mm shim on the rear upright, put 350 weight oil back in the front, went to the -.75 hinge pin holders in the rear, and changed to -2 degrees camber in the rear.

Here is a link to the video. My car is the orange white one. I qualified 2nd and finished in 2nd but I am not 100% sure it was my setup or driving. There is a lot of traffic on the track and the other drivers got stuck often. Please don't pay too close attention to my bad driving, which is more troublesome than the setup. In fact, most of my setup requests probably could be handled by better driving!

Anyways, I noticed if I throttled back on the large turns I could navigate them well without trouble. The problem arose when I tried to go through the turns faster, the rear would wash out. Turning did not seem to be a problem but I would still like to keep some quick corner speed manuverability. I had my end points down to about 80 percent which was nice as I didn't have the spool chattering on every turn like I did last week.

You can also notice some weird behavior after the turn as the car seemed to stay in the turn too long. Most likely my driving there.

The first turn after the straight has been a killer for me. There is a lot of slow traffic and to get around it you have to pass on the outside. Once you get out of the groove there is no traction sending you into the wall!

I'd like to be able to stay on the power sooner on the long turn before the straight and longer into the turn after the straight to keep the speed up.
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