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Man, I wish I knew you could get a feedback changed. I have 1 neutral feedback which is very much undeserved. I made a trade for a Miss Vegas Hydro elec. conv. and the trader insisted I shipped my Stampede first. After the boat arrived I seen why! The truck was very clean with new outta the box electronics that had about 20 mins. of run time. I sent alot of nip spares, two bodies(one new), etc. Well, I forgot a $6 programming box and told the guy I would buy a new one from Hobbypartz and have it shipped ASAP becouse he refused to ship the boat until the $6 box arrived like I was gonna rip him off for $10 after sending him a easy $500 worth of stuff. Well after he recieved the truck and had it for days then got the box too he started with.." I'll try to mail out tomarrow" then the next day " I'll do my best to get it out tomarrow", "wife locked me out lastnight, maybe tomarrow" etc. These excuses went on for along time. About 2 weeks + after he had my truck and the prog. box. . He had the truck w/everything else for about 4 days before the box arrived Not two weeks from making the deal. And he mislead me on the boat's discription. I told him I did'nt want the FM rx in it and he could keep it. I was told "its sealed in there real well, so I left it in there for ya! " Boats great. etc. Well, he said on my feedback I repeatedly bugged him with constant text, calls and PM's. Well after 10 days of having my truck(which was very nice) and nothing mailed and no responses or answers to my calls,PM's or Text I started repeatedly contacting him. All I got for those 10 or so days was maybe tomarrow, I'll try, and so on. That wasnt good enough. I wanted a " I will get it out tomarrow". Then I get a boat thrown in a large box with no packing at all. Several gracks and chips all over it. The nicely sealed RX was melted inside a melted plastic box that was secured to the haul with epoxy. Basicly a big mess and a worthless boat. The "nice" 4s pack that was included was puffed so bad it split the wrapping. I wouldnt even keep it in my house. Then after all this he refused to leave me feedback until I left his + feedback first. So I bite the bullet and give him a false + fb and then he leaves me a very unfair neutral. Sorry, but I had to vent that! That was the worst deal Ive ever had on here.
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