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Originally Posted by hacker View Post
I will need a new chassis, with 90degree servo position. I'm looking at the zeppin chassis which has accommodation for this position. Reason is CSO are out of stock. Besides the zeppin servo brace, what else is required, if any?
Nothing, dont use the zeppin steering brace, you done need it and it makes the install a pain in the A$$. I chucked mine to the kerb as it was a pain.

Copy the 2012 design with the steering linkage connected directly to the right hand steering arm. Check back through this thread, there are heaps of pictures and explanations of how to do it. XRAY basically copied the design work that was done by all the drivers in here and put it in the 2012 car.

Let me know how that new zeppin chassis goes, I tried to low traction one and the handling was interesting to say the least, too flexy.
The newer version looks nice, looks to fix the issues of the first zeppin chassis which were the steering servo mount and too much flex
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