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Scoop, are you saying my droop needs to be closer to my ride height? As is stands now I have 2mm droop in the front and 3mm in the rear. I use those spaces to record my droop measurements, not the actual downstops as I find that changes from car to car. My numbers most likely 5 in the rear ans 6 up front if I had to guess. Wouldn't reducing the droop in the rear cause less weight to be shifted right to left as well as front to back. I think I need the weight to transfer right to left.

I was working from your set up sheet. You can measure droop in two ways. One, you use something like the Hudy set up gear and set the droop screws with that gauge or, as I now think you do, is measure from the ride height how much your chassis lifts before the wheels lift of the board (preferably at the same time) I was talking about the former.
Anyway, how did it go?
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