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Originally Posted by mjealey View Post
Hey guys another diff question. I have it all assenbled and in the gearbox and installed it in the car. I put the hubs and the driveshafts in the car. On the side of the diff where the nut is inside of the outdrive, it seems like the dogbone doesn't go in very far and would rub up against it when the suspension compresses? How do I know how far it should be in there or if there is something wrong? The screw is threaded down in it pretty good and is pretty tight. Anybody else notice this or once I have everything installed and the camberlinks on it it will be fine? Please Help!!!!!
It just means your diff isn't broken in yet. Break the diff in completely, , and you will see that the sping will compress FAR more than it is now, and there will be room in the outdrive.
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