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Originally Posted by johnsen-dk View Post
Tjek your side links , looks like you have mounted them up site down
One of the reasons I bought the car was the spring holders but they don't work as I thought

Originally Posted by Josh-n-ya View Post
Wasn't downing you dude! Just hearing you talk about it for two months seemed like forever, thats all. I'm glad your finally almost there. Hey in your picture it also looks as though your center shock needs to be the other way with the body facing down. At least thats what i was told from OD and Sharpe. Maybe they were just messing with me.
I am kinda worn out with excitement also. Should be good to go next time if my work goes well this week

OD and Sharpe are the village elders and have vowed to always mess with everyone

Yea upside down keeps the bubbles if any away from the piston. I have to glue it also since it has slop that you can feel

Originally Posted by L.Fairtrace View Post
I run them like that also. I dont like the recessed part on top. Unless your springs are PERFECT they will click on the ledge of the link once in a while.

that is crazy annoying to me so from the very first build I had on this car about a year ago I have been running the links upside down and have had pretty good success with it.
Having the perfect spring is ideal but perfect springs are hard to find

I will probably go through several packs of springs to have the collection I want for ft and side
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