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Originally Posted by zipperfoot View Post
For those of you that have owned this buggy for a while, please enlighten me as to why no one and I mean NO ONE has the buggy in stock and very little parts available. How to you guys and girls get by when you can't even buy wheels?
Nobody in the WORLD is running this buggy in stock? The reason why stock use in this buggy might be a bit low right now, is because not everybody knows how to ream a spur gear, and the only spur gear available for the car at the moment is the factory 87 tooth, which will NOT work for stock motors.

The car has only been out two weeks. The issue with not having spares isn't unique this buggy. Most new cars have the same problem. Even a US based company like Losi didn't have parts for their 22 for 2 or 3 weeks after the car was released.

If you can't ream a spur gear or can't drive in the mod class, and/or can't live without spare parts for a week or two, then right now isn't the time for you to buy this buggy.
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