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Originally Posted by zipperfoot View Post
For those of you that have owned this buggy for a while, please enlighten me as to why no one and I mean NO ONE has the buggy in stock and very little parts available. How to you guys and girls get by when you can't even buy wheels?

I have heard good things about this buggy, watched it run, and would like to buy one. But when I started to look I found out you cant get them.

I would really like to know how a company expects to survive when they can't even provide parts for the cars they sell?

I know that the first batch of cars sold out, etc. But how long does it take to make another batch?

How long have you guys been waiting for parts and how do you get by in the meantime?

Has anyone contacted Durango about this issue? I emailed them but did not get a response. I am ready to buy the 210, 410, and parts.

Very frustrating, and poor management on their part. Sorry for the rant.
We all understand your frustration. Like every other high demand new product there is is a world market for it. Just as many guys bought kits in the UK as here in the states. It take lots of parts to make lots of kits so finding parts will be a little tough for a few weeks. But only because the buggy was just released. This is no different that any other manufacture. When Losi released the 22 it was kits first followedweeks later by parts. There were guys at my track with broken cars that couldn't race for a few weeks. When AE released the SC10 4x4 there were no parts anywhere. It look over another a month to get springs and sway bars. This such a high demand kit that Durango is trying to keep up.....with everyine in the world that wants one. MY lhs ordered 12 and got shipped 7....all 7 were spoken for before they were even shipped. Everyone on this thread would like to have spares in their pit....and when the parts get released we will. But until then we race on hoping not to break.

I don't run for Durango, but I can assure you this car is well worth waiting for!

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