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Originally Posted by bassman2 View Post
Talking about just trying to finish the race........Man, what a race. My car literally rolled 50' to the finish line at the end of the race (1st gear went out). I had 5 flame outs on the track that caused me the top spot for the race. After the race I discovered the cause of those flame outs. The engine got lean due to fuel tank cap was jacked open after the 1st fuel stop. The fuel was gushing out as the engine got leaner and leaner. The brakes went away due to fuel splashing all over it. The strap that pulls the cap open was the root cause. Oh well, I had a blast regardless. My EXP 50s helped me TQ'd (I was the only one that hit 15 laps during the qualifiers) and finished 2nd overall. The 1st place finisher, Evarado also was on Sweeps EXP 50s for the entire 40 min.

A heck of a race man! I enjoyed racing with you guys. I also had my share of problems...My motor flamed out each of the first two pit stops and lost second gear around lap 80, but managed to limp the car across the finish line. Pretty damned close racing with you for quite a few laps at some point in the race, it was fun. Here are the lap times for a play-by-play after race review.

Till next time!

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