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Originally Posted by Cpt.America View Post
So Im about 3/4 done with the roller build. I only have turn buckles and shocks to go, and so far there are a few interesting issues with the car.

1. Let me start off by saying that the car looks pretty amazing so far.

2. Do NOT accidentally put the shorter turnblock hingepins on the inside of the front Arms... they sink right down to the bottom and they don't come out

3. I had numerous missing screws, but durango re-opened the box, included an extra screws bag, and resealed the box. Ultimately I ended up having everything.

4. None of the buttonhead screws that go down around the battery compartment, bit into the plastic. They JUST START TO.... and then they just spin. These guys needed to be probably 2mm longer

5. Had some quality control issues with the large side pieces that bolt on around the servo, that finish up the side pods. They sort of "lego" around a piece that is already screwed down onto the chassis, and they were off by about 1mm.. took some muscling to get them into place.

6. I think I spent as much time getting the spur/slipper assembly together as the entire rest of the car

7. Working on the gearbox/rear end of the car seems like it's going to be a bit of a task

8. And last but not least... the ONE thing I am actually concerned with about this car... is it just me, or does it appear that your entire racing night would be over if you break a rear ball stud on the inside? There isn't a modular piece to replace, so if you snap a ball stud and you can't get it out... you need an entirely new gearbox? (or maybe you can drill it out?) The engineering around the car is AMAZING... but this seems like an equally amazing oversight. Just me or am I missing something? This might be a good spot to put a couple of titanium ball studs.

Shocks and electronics, tomorrow.

I had some of the same issues. I didnt like the way the screws didnt engage around the battery compartment either so I went to 12mm and 16mm length screws and they were all tight then.

I had the same problem with the servo mount pieces too. They took a little force to get them in but it all fits nice once together.

The 4 ballstuds in my A bag were a different color than the rest and I split 2 of them just threading them in. I replaced the 4 with new ones that were a little shorter for the DESC and they went great.

I also really didnt like the inner camber links being molded into the tranny. It just doesnt really make sense to have to get a new tranny case if break a ball stud.

It took me 4 1/2 hours to build mine without motor and ESC. I will have another 3 hours in painting the body though. LOL. Its a painter nightmare with all those bends and narrow channels!
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