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Originally Posted by WC View Post
no i meant when u buy the TB03 spool, it comes with a TBe5 gear in the bag.
Gotta swap this for a proper eIV "oneway" gear.

each of the eIII/IV/5 have their own unique gears so never intermix

re parts availability, depends how u see it

eIII = TB02 so a lot of the gears, plastic bulkheads & diff outdrives
got boughtup by TB02 people which led to shortage

e5 = TB03 so same again for gears, diff parts, centre shaft etc
but they're still a current model so shouldn't be parts shortage

eIV otoh is a bit of an orphan, its got own gears & nothing unique reused
on another model ... so some LHS may still have unsold old stock

eIV has their own rctech thread
thanks WC... your a lifesaver... off to the IV thread... take care...
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