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Originally Posted by Sith Lord View Post
I think whether the parity issues are real or imagined, the fact is, is that they are there and if they aren't resolved then you'll have even more disgruntled drivers leaving due to these issues. That is one issue - the other issue is that (I think) they look crap. Part of the mini scene is the way they look - little bubble cars that look like the real thing. Massive rally and off road tyres don't exactly fit that look. The cost factor is a third issue - Cheap Chassis, cheap motor/speedie combo, turn up and race. If you have to have 30 different sets of rubber to be competitive depending on prevailing wehather conditions, track conditions, size layout, etc, then that will also turn people away.

I don't think enforcing this tyre rule would turn anybody away. I believe there was only one or two drivers using them last night anyway, and one of them went back to other tyres after one heat anyway.
Let me start by saying I do not care about what rules the mini's run to, as I hate my m05 more than any rc car I have owned, even more than my YR4 Yokomo..... and I will not race mini ever again. Not ever

You will find that the parity issues are much more to do with skill than equipment. the guys hosing the crowd with the "fast' gear will still hose the field with "normal" gear.

No doubt that the mini pins make the cars easy to drive, but so what? There is no rule saying I cannot turn up and run cut down low shore tyres on my tourer and use them for single runs if I want to, yet you expect a different set of expectations for the mini class.

My original contention is if you begin to further restrict the class to particular rule sets then it will ultimatley fail, and with such low numbers turing up for indoor making the cars harder to drive by restrictive rule sets will never increase attendance.

Something has happened in the last 18months to basically wither the indoor running to a few committed individuals. I cannot recall it ever being so consitently poorly attended-yet there is no reason for it as the best track surface and size is always availiable and the racing is now back to once a fortnight which should have pushed up demand. I have no love for carpet racing, but still partake sometimes, but the feel of the race meet is very different to when I first started that is for sure.

The club has lost members and occasional racers for some reason, but has done little to work on preventing that from what I can see. Not much is being done to keep and hold newbies either.... Or effective co-ordination for club organisation.... or clarity of direction... etc etc(and yes I can go on and on about it!)
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